Explore the Depths and Heights of Paradise
DOMINICA - "the Nature Island of the Caribbean"
Town Twist


For those who are ready for the outdoors, or just want a relaxed tour - this is the tour you are looking for - a simple tour of the capital.

After leaving your base, take drive up to Morne Bruce, a viewing point, where you will get the opportunity to see the entire town.  After this view, drive back down to the beautiful Botanical Gardens, where you will enjoy the variety of trees - both big and small as well as flowers and also an aviary where you will see two of Dominica's parrots - the Jacquot and Sisserou. 

Moving on as we go through the town you will come across some 19th century building and ruins.  These building are of French and English architectural  design.

Visit the Old Market Square, a former site where slaves were sold.  This is now a spot to purchase your souvenirs.  Also visit the New market, where you will see wonderful displays of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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