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DOMINICA - "the Nature Island of the Caribbean"
Boiling Lake

Our Hike begins with a 35 minute drive from the capital  Roseau, passing through the Botanical Gardens traveling up the Roseau Valley to the beautiful village of Laudat where the hike begins.

The hike is estimated to be 6-8  hours round trip.

When you begin your hike, you will be passing through lush rain forests. As you leave this areas you will be climbing to higher elevation where the trial becomes a bit more difficult.  You will then come to a decent in the Valley of Desolation where you will come across a number of Hot Springs, Sulphur Holes and different coloured streams.

Measuring  approximately 200 feet in diameter, the Boling Lake is said to be the largest of it's kind in the world.  The water in the Lake boils constantly, this is as a result of magma below its surface. The Lake is said to have a temperature of over 100 degrees Celsius in various parts.

Because of the difficulty of this hike, it is not recommended for those suffering with heart or lungs conditions.  One must be in good physical health to attempt this hike.

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