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DOMINICA - "the Nature Island of the Caribbean"
My name is Levi Baron, certified tour guide/operator and founder of bumpiingtours. I started bumpiingtours in 2004 with one thing in mind - offering visitors the best tours and experience on Dominica and the Caribbean in general.  Along with my team of certified guides and drivers, consisting of Garry, Kelvin, Kashma, Nathan, Chris, Cecil and Archar we try to do just that. 

Bumpiingtours offer some of the most fun filled and educational tours/hikes on the Island.  We won't just offer you a tour, we will do it too.

We offer a wide range of tour/hikes to cater to the many different visitors who come to our shores. If you are between the ages of
2 - 100 years, cruise ship or stay over visitors, Bumpiingtours has a tour for you.  Our many services are available to you seven days a week, including all holidays. We will also book your hotel at your request.  To do so, we will need your date of arrival and the number of people in your group

About Us

Bumpiing Tours is among the most reliable touring companies in Dominica. It is operated by

Levi Baron, a certified Tour Guide and Taxi Operator.

We are located in a small village on the south of the island called Pichelin, approximately twenty-five (25) minutes from the capital city of Roseau.

We will endeavour to make your time on the Nature Isle a fun filled and pleasurable one.

Our many services are available to you seven days a week, including holidays. Among these are tours to our natural attractions, airport services and other services which you may require.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your vacation - whether long or short.

Would you like information about our availability and prices?  Use the form on the Contact Page to reach us and we will get back to you very soon.


The Nature Isle

The island of Dominica (Dom-in-ee-ka), known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, is located between the two French Islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.  Despite of the closeness to these island the main language spoken is English, we also speak Creole (Patois), which is a combination of French, African and English.  The island is about 29 miles long and 16 miles across at it's largest point, with an areas of 289 sq miles (749 sq KM). 

Dominica is rich in its untouched natural beauty, with more than fifty percent (50%) of the island is still covered with lush tropical vegetation.  The topography of the island is very mountainous, because of this; we are richly blessed with our many rivers, waterfalls and lakes.  Dominica boasts of having three National Parks, Morne Trois Pitons National Park  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the first known natural heritage site in the Eastern Caribbean.  Therein lies, the one of the worlds largest Boiling Lakes, the islands second highest mountain, other lakes as well as several of our waterfalls.

More About Dominica

Currency: - The currency used on the island is Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC), but US and Euro are widely used and accepted.

Political:- Dominica is an Independent State - it gained its' independence from Great Britain on November 3, 1978.  It still remain a member of the British Commonwealth group of countries.    We are a democratic country with three main political parties, where elections are held every five years.

Climate: - Temperatures range from 22 to 32 degrees Celsius or 71.6 to  89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have only two seasons, the dry and rainy.  An annual rainfall average of 350 inches.

Wildlife: -  Though we have lots of forest, there exist only few wild animals.  One hundred and seventy five (175) species of birds can be found of the island, one is our national bird - the Sisserou parrot.  Four species of snakes, (none of which are poisonous), the larget of which is the Boa Constrictor. 

People and Culture: - Among the first settlers of the island were the Amerindians - Caribs and Arawaks who Columbus meet on the Island when he first sighted in 1493.  Today Dominica boasts of the largest population of Carib Indians.  They can be found in the north eastern part of the island on 3,782.3 acres of land reserved especially for them in 1903.  The Caribs are good farmers and fishermen but they are well known for the skilled craft works. 

In Dominica we celebrate our independence on the 3rd of November after gaining our independence from England on 3rd November 1978, but our celebrations begins early in October. During the independence celebration you will find Dominicans engaging in traditional dances while wearing the National Wear, which is the Wob Dwyiet.

Festivals: -  Dominica has one of the Worlds most original Carnival, with activities stretching over three weeks.  Carnival celebration are held in the month of February or early in the month of March every year.  These activities includes Calypso Shows, Beauty Pageants which includes the Miss Dominica Pageant, Ole Mas Show, La Pou Kabwit Fete, and two days of street Jump Up. On the first day of the street jump up, we have the various costum bands  and the Tuesday the T-shirts bands, which brings us to the end of the Carnival celebration.  

The last weekend in October bring people from all over the world to Dominica to enjoy three night of pulsating music at the World Creole Music Festival, which features bands from all over the world including Dominica.


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